A who-dunnit game that comes with a real sense of urgency. It's easy to operate, and tricky to master, and some how addictive as hell.

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The Wolf Among Us

PC. Easy.

Characters from all of our fairy tales have found a way to exist among people. You get to be one of them, the Big Bad Wolf himself, exacept you are the good guy this time. And you are on the trail to finding out the truth behind the murder of one of your own: who is it really is carrying out all the nasty, unthinkable acts in this closely knit community? You get to dodge and pull a few fast punches too along the way.

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Planescape Torment

PC. Easy-Medium. Interact with lots of characters as one of three or four character and follow the storyline, carry out missions along the way.

As the game begins you wake up as a …corpse in a morgue. Need I say more? You get all kinds of depth in this story, from the characters themselves to the worlds you get to visit. It’s more like a parabole for a spiritual journey. But you get to bash and kill people, accomplish missions, and hear funny shit said by your unusual travel companions. Go play this now, I command you.

World of Goo

PC included. Easy to Medium. Physics game.

Pretty straight forward at first. You manipulate gooey balls into configurations so that you can achieve the goals set out in each level. Its beauty lies in that slowly you become embroiled in the bigger story, with a sinister twist. 

Junk Wars


Browser. Medium to Hard depends on where you come from. Multiplayer with other people online. Build vehicles,  battle it out, collect parts, onwards and upwards! (ie If you love robots but are not quite a robotics engineer yet, go for it!)

Your goal is to build funky mad-max style vehicles with different parts you collect along the way. You get to travel throughout the country (game map) and race against computer characters and other players online. Ultimately you have the awesomest vehicle ever. (Unsure about the last claim, haven’t finished the game myself.)

Play it here (Unfortunately the game's player base is dismal these days and the community of players is looking to be, excuse the anatomical reference, dying in the ass, soon. )

Skinny - ouchies for the heart

Browser. Easy. Click stuff, so some acrobatic things now and then.

Brother story to Coma. Again the hidden storyline will be a killer. 


Browser. Easy. Click stuff, follow the prompts, and maybe swing your hips a little.

 You are a little boy who is being summoned to do a range of seemingly innocent and sweet little tasks for his ‘parents’.

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